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I was ready to swear that even the flowers, she was passing by came into full bloom, smelling as sweet and pleasant as they could.

Free Dan Man Poetry

The two most important things in my life. Life of a man of Bohemia. The bed and the writing-table.

Everything is in bloom like then,

on the first day. The very first one… Out of the mother’s womb.


Spilling sand through my fingers I’m standing on the shore…


I was in no haste… As far as I already realised! Time has a surprising ability to pass without my assistance…


The breath of the Universe I follow… And gather dust, that shakes the world and our Earth…


The candle is burning down and its flame is composing a song…


Step by step… From star to star


The Moon was shining with desire, indicating to us the right way…

Between her thighs or a marathon thousands of years long

I won’t court.  I don’t even want to.  It is from this that I derive delight. Expectation of expectation.  In the reticence of courtship.  In making court without a single word. At a distance… It tears the spirit apart. The state of overflowing with raw material. This material moves my body aside from within. To the brink of impossibility. I lack ozone, capable to fill my volume.  

How small the Universe is!  

It has to come true finally! Silent bashful wet languor  directs its stream towards me, and its benumbed and stiffened thighs capture my volcano,  which starts to crush it with the might of increasing strikes.  The material,  that in the form of a resin has stuck to the inner walls  of this mightiest chemical laboratory, abruptly starts into motion and, melting, shoots hot scum into the air so that then – oh, heavens! – to rush forwards and fill her with a steady beat of erupted lava. 

Silence… Calm. Here, between her thighs, it feels good.  Extraordinarily good.  

I stay still…  I am in safety…  Like then… When I uttered my first cry, pushed out into this world by mother’s being… 

Moisture and warmth… Candles are flickering… No, these are torches already. We are dancing round the fire.  She chooses me.  Such is the ritual. And such is the law.  The law of the ancient tribe,  from which both of us made our way into the XX century. But at this moment – “ladies are to invite for a dance”. It is she, the girl, who is to choose a man. Such has been the decision of the Council of the Elders. I already know: she will choose me.  

In order to perform an act on the bank of a mountain stream in the silence of the night, in the mystery of a torch burning over our heads.  The act of copulation. The first small brick of the future thousand-year foundation. 

Here, you must have already guessed… There is no need for me to court today. The hand of the compass never makes a mistake. The only thing left is to choose the direction. Heavens be praised! The stars have favoured me. 

12 chimes of the bell  can be heard through the window opening. It’s midday. This time I am waiting for her to come at midday. We are in no need of the night’s help, like then. Near the fire…

A writing-table. The script is nearly finished. The final chords of the symphony coming from the waiting room render the feeling of the completeness of the form to me. Take the world as if you took a woman! I am speaking to myself, paraphrasing the words of a great magician in music Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin. 

The doorbell rings. She is at the threshold. Now I know.  Everything I have been worrying about all those years, has suddenly dispersed  and instantly vanished. So it should have happened: the form found the content. The worry has passed. This time the studio won’t reject it. It will have both the form and the content. There is some time left before midnight. I choose the content. So that after midnight I might be crazy about the form again… Have I missed something? Oh, yes… The author’s fee! What a loafer you are, Reader! After all, you can take care of it yourself… Don’t interfere! The progress and the rhythm of the day cannot be harmlessly disturbed.


Book by Free Dan Man

Women from all sides. Up to the most endless horizon. Started!

  • Her fruit…
  • Split by the sacrament of a vertical line…
  • The taste of whose entrails I was destined to learn much later…
  • The soft completeness of the mysterious shape, located in the hidden place…

One day, having inhaled a certain fresh aroma from a woman I met, I discovered new horizons, and in them different colours and sounds.

Free Dan Man


Gallery – Free Dan Man

Photographic Artist

The world has lost its frame forever and has become unfocused in the eternity of the universes…

“Artistic whispers” conjures a poetic and evocative image, suggesting a subtle and profound form of communication through art.


The worlds are of different kinds, though, in reality, there is only one. It is of various volumes. One world happens to include many other worlds. The worlds are apt to contract and expand. It is not the temperature of the surroundings that causes that but the degree of our relaxation, the height of our flight and the width of our opinion.

The worlds also differ in the quality of grinding. Thus, there chance to be fine-ground and coarse-ground worlds. Like flour. Only everything is vice versa here. The finer the grinding, the more harmful the bread is. The thinner the world the better, and kinder, is it.

Representing a heightened awareness, an enriched perception of the world…

Thin Connections

Profound shifts in perception and understanding


Thorn. The most amazing of the miracle berries. And not only because the thorn is an autumn berry. I am attracted by the unusually tart taste of this berry.

Blue and bright yellow

Somewhere in between

Extemporaneous poetry

A unique sense of awareness and tranquility



…and I see her – a beautiful creature, an amazing girl…

Snow-white velvet elastic skin, long red hair,
freckles are scattered here and there – all over the body.

Wonderful strong ass,
full engorged breasts, beautiful neck,
thick eyebrows and huge clear bluish-green eyes,
cool hips and fertile bush.

There is a watering can in her hand. She is watering flowers,
bending gracefully over each flower.
Her breasts too. It also bends over.
It, breasts, with her,
but at the same time lives some kind of independent life,
inaccessible to me.

The garden is filled with flowers. A huge piece of paradise.
In some places it is wild, in others it is already well-groomed.

Carefully watering the flowers,
the girl exchanges glances with butterflies.
Butterflies are huge and of incredible colors,
existing only in my colormusic fantasies.

The girl talks to herself, or rather, hums.
This is some kind of wonderful recitative,
merging into complete harmony
with the vibration of a bee buzzing,
hovering over the garden.

Music. Painting. Theater. Movie…
Simultaneously. Some kind of fabulous synthetic performance…

A tantalizing promise of untold pleasures

Her smile, a curve of calculated grace,
hints at secrets hidden beneath her face.

An eternal role

A portrait of purity, a sight to behold. In the tapestry of life, she stands as a delicate thread, A vision of innocence, untouched and unsaid.





A sweet serenade, sung with perfect harmony

In her presence, the world feels alive, bathing in the warmth of her velvety vibe.

Her eyes, pools of warmth, deep and sincere. A world of emotions, waiting to unfold.

Her voice, a velvety low timbre so rare, enveloping in its rich, mellifluous swell.

When a man is in the role of a prisoner of matriarchy.
I only needed to see her once.
Once I saw it, I felt the fidelity of the form and the power of the unearthly Eros.
Unthinkable in the world of modern urbanization, a mind-blowingly developed body,
it seemed to have been cast into shape by the ingenious skill of an entire generation of sculptors. Dragon. An astrological phenomenon for me: bull according to the stars, love. And in Life. Living together with them, women…
Exposing her face to the heavens, serving as her receiving antenna, she seemed to draw energy directly from Space.
With some special sensuality, even love prepared herself and her vagina separately to copulation.

Touching the realms of the extraordinary

There was an enigmatic allure to her, an aura of mystery that whispered of profound introspection and contemplation. As she gazed into the distance, lost in the labyrinth of her own thoughts, one couldn’t help but be captivated by the sheer depth of her being—a beacon of inspiration in a world hungry for meaning and connection.

Hidden artistry somewhere between central Europe and Hollywood

A mousetrap for a man of any age, which he cannot bypass in order not to get caught.

Flowers of sense and life

Baby sleep… It’s like lying on the edge of a forest, bathed in the sun, after a long battle… Scents of Joy…

Some kind of magnetic thread or a parable about karmic plexuses

Some kind of magnetic thread… I have already made a conclusion about her complete natural suitability for conception. To the conception of our child with her. My imagination clearly pictured a ripe fruit inside the pear-shaped volume of the two halves of her butt. I somehow instinctively felt that her thighs were capable of ensuring the safety of our future baby at any moment…

Light Laser Music Theatre

Lux Aeterna. Truly Avan-Garde. Since 1982. Founder: Daniel A. Freedman


Universal language of communication and expression

Art of the Space without borders. Creating a unique continual image of the Cosmos.

Real-Time Artistic Expression: The term “live theatrical action” indicates that the visual elements are not pre-recorded but are created in real-time. This introduces an element of spontaneity and adaptability, allowing the performance to respond dynamically to the audience and the overall atmosphere.

Technical Expertise: Implementing light drama in big planetariums requires a high level of technical expertise. Precision in light design, projection mapping, and the synchronization of visual elements with sound is essential to create a seamless and impactful performance.

The interplay of sound and light: a fascinating concept that spans across art, science, and technology, leading to unique experiences and discoveries.

Implementing light drama in big planetariums requires a high level of technical expertise. Precision in light design, projection mapping, and the synchronization of visual elements with sound are essential to create a seamless and impactful performance.  

Ecstasy & Non-Gravity
Extra-Terrestrial Dizziness Planetarium Dramatic Journey

The versatility of big planetariums allows for the exploration of a variety of themes – from cosmic journeys to fantastical landscapes. 

Fulldome 360 Experience
Lux Aeterna Theatre Trends & Repertoire

Stationary and mobile Planetariums. Cosmic Journeys; Light & Music Spectaculars; Star Magics; Cosmic Utopias; Laser Romantics; Laser & Sound Cosmic Journeys; Laser Star Magics; Immersing Meditations 

Colourist Studies

Colourist Studies

Atmospheric ambient landscape series

Free Dan Man

Light soft horizonts. Winter to spring

Free Dan Man

Watch a colour full-length 328-page feature film about the great pioneer and his no less great contemporaries Alexander Scriabin by author Daniel A. Freedman on Google Books


One of the most mysterious personalities in 20th  century art history.  A century ago. As well as now. A century later. This one hundred years separates us only in time – a physical movement of an hour hand. But it brings us together to the utmost in spirit. The spirit of innovation, far from losing its urgency – on the contrary, still gaining it in the third millennium.

PIANO with mute KEYS

Alexander Scriabin’s invention: a light instrument – a piano with mute keys, wires from which go to an apparatus that illuminates the entire darkened hall in colors, corresponding to the color of the notes.

Alexander Scriabin’s great contemporaries who are present in my film-book: М. К. Ciurlionis, Kazimir Malevich, Vasili Kandinsky, Vsevolod Meyerhold, Sonya & Robert Delaunay, Boris Pasternak, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sergei Taneyev, Alexander Tairov, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Isadora Duncan, Sergei Rachmaninov, Alice Koonen, Sergei Kusevitsky, Konstantin Balmont, Andrei Bely, Valery Bryusov, Alexander Blok, Sergei Dyagilev, Konstantin Stanislavski 

Colour is Sound and Sound – Colour

One of my important Teachers: Hazrat-Inayat-Khan

“The language of colour and sound is the language of the soul, and that it is our outer language which makes us confused as to the meaning of that inner language. Colour also is movement. And its capacity makes colour concrete to our vision. There is a relation between sound and colour. In reality, they are one. They are two aspects of life. Life and light are one. Life is light and light is life, and so colour is sound and sound – colour. Only, when sound is colour it is most visible and least audible, and when colour is sound it is most audible and least visible”.

Space Around Us

In the space around us, there are no phenomena associated separately with light and color, and separately with sound. Together they form a World, mathematically-artistically = infinity of combinations. That is why, I am going to add my remark, there is no need to be bored in this world (Free Dan Man).

Inner language of audible and visible

Colour: motion, subtle vibrations of life.


Lux Aeterna Theatre: Idyllically blue, detection of a low-gravity planet with a dense layer of undecipherable radio waves 2005
Cosmic Luminescence: The symphony of laser interference light initiates an ethereal dance, painting the cosmos with vibrant hues and dynamic patterns that defy the limits of imagination.


Kliment Redko’s Vision: Redko’s concept of “Toward the Construction of Light and Sound” serves as a precursor to my vision. It suggests a forward-thinking perspective on the integration of light and sound in artistic expression, laying the groundwork for the transformative ideas that follow.

The First Spacecraft – “Black Square” by Kazimir Malevich: My interpretation of Malevich’s “Black Square” as the first spacecraft is a unique and imaginative perspective. Viewing it as a means of travel through Space, a projection rear-screen or planetarium dome, and a symbol of an abstract and boundaryless realm adds depth to its significance.

Teachers and Influences: Influential figures Moholy-Nagy Laszlo, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Vasily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Johannes Itten, Alexander Scriabin, and Lev Theremin – a rich tapestry of artistic, philosophical, and scientific influences. Each contributes to the multifaceted nature of my vision.

Expressing Sounds with Colours and Vice Versa: The idea of expressing musical sounds through colour and vice versa, as advocated by Kandinsky and Klee, adds a synesthetic and immersive layer to the artistic experience. This suggests a holistic approach where different senses converge to create a richer perception of the world.


Philosophical Aspects: Viewing the “Black Square” as a dividing line between the objective and non-objective, material and immaterial worlds, and the living and the dead introduces a profound philosophical dimension. It suggests that this artistic symbol serves as a gateway to realms beyond the ordinary, inviting exploration and transcendence.

Gravity-Free Art: The futuristic vision of being initiated into gravity-free art hints at a paradigm shift in artistic expression. It implies a departure from traditional constraints, allowing for a more liberated and immersive experience where horizons and gravity are transcended.

The “Black Square” as a Celebration: My conclusion emphasizes the “Black Square” as a celebration and the very essence of Cosmos — a source of life and inspiration. Learning to communicate with it continuously becomes a metaphor for embracing the boundless potential of artistic expression.

Free Dan Man’s narrative: weaves together elements of art, philosophy, and futurism, creating a compelling vision of a transformative and gravity-defying artistic future. It invites contemplation on the limitless possibilities of human creativity and the profound connections between Art and the Cosmos.






And suddenly

I saw…myself