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Daniel A. Freedman, personal web site


General Background View

By placing a natural and architectural ensemble on a certain eminence, but within city boundaries, a possibility to observe special picturesque dynamic colour compositions practically from any spot of the city is created.

General Middle View

An architectural ensemble resembles a kind of a park with a “cybernetic” filling.

General View

The central building, surrounded by natural environment, fountains adorned with colours and music, sculptures decorated with light and sounds is placed at the head of the complex.

General Near View

The audience is seated around the main building. A performance is given under the open sky. The architectural ensemble in general as well as the walls of the central building, serving as original projector screens in combination with special sound plant are part of the performance. In that case the aim of the spectator preparation (“moderating”) for a better perception of the following “inner” performance as well as maintenance of the achieved state (euphoria) as long as possible after the performance upon coming out of the building into the “real” world is pursued. During the major “inner” performance, on the outside a “neutral” by its content performance takes place, open to all or to so called casual spectators. Nevertheless, it possesses an independent aesthetic value.

Close-Up View

The central building is a structure of glass in the form of a stately temple. Dimensions of certain glass surfaces of the walls are at their maximum, taking into account possibilities of building technology. Technical equipment demands all sources of artistic light projection in existence together with a special sound plant of an entertainment purpose (scenic techniques and technology).

Near Broad View

Inner walls are made of special materials for the achievement of a projection and sounding of a higher quality. Inner space is designed for the audience, “alive” participants (orchestra, choir, dancers, etc.) as well as for different space transformations depending on the tasks of the control of spectator’s attention and appropriate emotional influence.