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I adored working surrounded by women. A significant chain of a creative process, they kept me aspiring and encouraged the necessary mood. My gaze glided over them... Their refined and exquisite shapes excited my imagination. There was no finding any shapes better than those, making up a mystery of the female substance, that resisted unravelling, at least here, on the Earth.

Barefooted, the maids we walking graciously around the studio, uttering not a word. Knowing where they should be, they were there and not at the same time. To a knowing eye, they were just directing air flows in that huge studio resorting to some heavenly femininity, creating a special aura, so essential for me. Shapes emerged on the canvas after a couple of light and confident touches.

Something else was present there, and helped in choosing colours: barely heard Piano-pianissimo, coming from above in soft even current sand spreading above my head. At breaks we would walk together in the garden, caressing each other with soft smiles, and - at times – with the tips of the fingers. I would pick up a fresh juicy fruit from a tree or a bush - a black cherry, a currant or a raspberry - and feed the maids from the hand.

At nights by the candle light we would burn incense, drinking aged harsh dry red wine and eating freshly made goat cheese. Later we would copulate in every possible posture, known only to Venus, and admired the beauty of the Moon, an old acquaintance of ours, an ingenious mistress of the never ceasing Desires...

The next day saw new canvases whose number finally reached the planned figure. Now I could start preparing for an exhibition...

A long hoped-for day arrived... The space of a big hall... Canvases in a certain order, Changing lights, and actresses – yesterday’s sources of inspiration.

A spectator, an active participant, looked as if he were floating in the space, with the lights flashing and the heroines, dressed in light and loose translucent silks, gliding in the hall in a somewhat strange perspective. Out of nowhere... An invisible hand... seemed to be regulating light, music, colours, whispering to each other on the canvases, and the amazing sirens.

It was only He, a Great Magician, and a Ruler, who knew a small secret, that made everyone in the hall become silent and trail off, enchanted by the Performance... I would always appear in the end lingering for a few seconds in order to say a couple of words in the semidarkness, drawing an ultimate line and helping people to come back from a Dream... On the morrow of the performance, the maids-sirens would uncork a big bottle of rose champagne, prepared and cooled in advance. They would give it to me to drink and leave me tired and sleepy.

Forever, whispering in chorus special irreligious prayers, made up by them. They filled me with new artistic achievements and victories, firmly believing that the First-born Child was most beloved, at least a child from this man, from this Creator. They longed for me to be visited by new muses as soon as possible...

I woke up at dawn in an excellent mood, smelling a subtle scent of the inspiriting women, so deeply loved by me. I was aware that I would never see them again. Luckily, they lived inside me, deep in the heart, and, of course, in my works, in our mutual act - now materialized inspiration.

We kept each other in memory through our child. And felt better, kinder... I went out into the garden and stopped on a hill. Some receding dots could be seen on the horizon. The maids were jumping merrily, full and warm, facing another day... Suddenly I turned around. The morning wind pricked me with an unknown scent, momentarily turning my head. But I saw nothing but clouds of smoke in that part of the road.

It was only closer to the evening, at sunset, that I noticed barely perceptible movements against the background of the sun disc and heard soft singing. Soon some silhouettes became visible quickly transforming into a great group of young girls. Approaching me, they, no doubt, knew where they were heading... I stood up and went to the cellar to check on the stocks of wine. Then I talked to little goats, and, having put on a pinafore, started to prime a great canvas.

It felt it with all clarity, That I was sure to find new colours and subtle combinations, previously unknown to the humanity. Determination in the gait of the approaching girls, their beauty, their unknown scent, left no place for doubts. Life went on renewing, always open to a new talent and union...